Pifra AGPR Islamabad Website and Office Location

pifra agpr islamabad

AGPR stands for the Accountant General Pakistan Revenues. The centralized accounting and reporting of federal transactions is the responsibility of the Accountant General Pakistan Revenues (AGPR). In addition, the AGPR is in charge of the compilation of summarized financial information that has been generated by federal agencies that are responsible for their own accounting. The … Read more

Pifra DDO BER – Online Budget Execution Status May 2023

Pifra ddo ber

DDO Ber Online Budget Execution is based on a monthly system. Here the drawing and disbursement Government employees or officers can obtain the monthly expenditure and budget distribution report for the dedicated matter. DDO’s and government employees have to submit monthly expenditure reports in order to maintain the sequence of their monthly expenditures. Right now, … Read more

PIFRA Registration Form – Get Employees Registration Form Online 2023

pifra registration form

To get the employee’s registration form online in 2023, first, you need PIFRA registration. The government of Pakistan is always one step ahead when it comes to facilitating its employees in any way. One proof is the initiative of the Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing in Pakistan (PIFRA Registration). Government employees can now … Read more

PIFRA DDO Position Code List 2023

To promote efficiency, transparency, and tight control over the eradication of ghost employees, the government of Pakistan has moved its payroll system and assigned funds to an online system. Every department and its DDOs receive unique codes, known as POSITION CODES, that allow them to monitor the number of employees and the budget allotted to … Read more

Check Pifra DDO Monthly Expenditure Online 2023

Pifra DDO monthly expenditure can be checked online. DDO Ber is a monthly-operating online system for budget execution. The monthly budget distribution and expenditure report are available to draw and distribute government employees and officers for specific purposes. You and the government must submit their monthly expenditure reports to preserve the monthly expenditure.  Every DDO … Read more

How To Check Pifra Budget Online – A Complete Guide

The main goal of the PIFRA budget check guide online is to implement reforms and innovations in the public sector to better serve the general public, especially government employees. All government officers and employees have access to the monthly spending and budget distribution reports on the issue of interest. To guarantee the consistency of their … Read more

PIFRA Salary Slip Not Received? Things To Do!

If your PIFRA salary slip not received, then there is no need to worry. The payslip is often automatically sent to your email; however, occasionally, there may be a delay due to a technical issue. You will, however, receive your payslip online in the end. But, if you have been waiting a long time to … Read more