Jazz Free Internet code 2023

Together, Jazz and Warid have roughly 50 million subscribers. To receive better and quicker internet, almost everyone wants to sign up for this network. However, compared to other networks, their packages are a bit pricey and useless, which is why we’re going to list all the jazz-free internet codes.

The oldest and most popular mobile network in Pakistan, Mobilink or jazz, has been operational for more than 20 years. Jazz is the greatest internet network in Pakistan since it is also the quickest, according to the Okla award. Use these codes in order to browse for free.


Some codes are momentary and may not be used permanently. Please don’t get it twisted; it’s simply like an offer for a month or week.

I’m not guaranteeing that these codes will function, but they are frequently used for the jazz-free internet code 2023.

Jazz Free Internet code

Mobilink Jazz Free Internet

One of Pakistan’s fastest 3G and 4G network providers is Mobilink Jazz. They provide a variety of Internet packages, including daily, weekly, and monthly bundles.

In other words, Mobilink Jazz has millions of Internet users because of its high-quality, quick, and dependable packages.

Jazz Mobilink free net codes:

Every user who uses this jazz-free Mb code will receive 500 Mbps for ten days without having to pay any further membership fees or azafi fees. The first and most often used codes are listed below with instructions:

  1. Open your mobile phone or smartphone dialer, whatever you are currently using.
  2. Call the free Jazz MBs number at *117*72*3#.
  3. You will soon notice a pop-up notification on your mobile device.
  4. If you are eligible for this free offer, you will receive 500 mbs.
  5. You must utilize the free mbs within the allotted 10 days since it will only be valid for that time.

Jazz Veon Free MBs

Jazz uses a variety of techniques, including free jazz mbs, to engage its audience. Jazz is offering free mbs, so don’t worry if you’re running low on balance. Even though you have no balance, jazz is providing you with 100 Mbps using this approach.

If you wish to take advantage of this promotion, you must utilize the Jazz mobile app. Install the jazz/Mobilink mobile app on your phone after downloading it. 

  1. Upon installation. Fill out the free registration form.
  2. Create a new password and log back into the app.
  3. You will soon be able to use the 100 mbs if you registered for this app using your phone number.
  4. Almost all Jazz Network 100% of users are eligible for this deal.

Free internet gift Offer

 After entering *5555#, press 1 to activate the free gift offer.

Charges of the Offer: 0 Rs

Offer Validity: 2 Days

Offer Info:1 GB +Youtube+WhatsappFacebook

Enjoy Free Internet on Jazz.

Jazz Free Gift Offer

Free internet: 1GB

Free Minutes: N/A

How to Subscribe to this offer:  Dial *555#

Charges:  Rs.0

Validity: 2 Days

Activation Code Free Jazz 50 GB Internet  


How can we use free FB on jazz?

Yes, you can access Facebook for free on Jazz by calling *117*4#. There are no additional fees or hidden costs.

Jazz Free YouTube Code

If you wish to utilize Free YouTube without Balance, you may do so by dialing *117*89# from your jazz sim.

Dial *570# to get 5GB of free internet for YouTube.

Jazz World Free MBs

Here is another fantastic deal for jazz fans to utilize free jazz internet in 2021. The jazz world app offers a variety of features, including the ability to check your jazz balance, jazz internet package, jazz remaining minutes, jazz SMS packages, and other jazz-related items.

By using this app, you may also contact Jazz’s customer service department or can get free mbs every day. One benefit of this software is the ability to track your performance. Additionally, the Jazz World app offers call and SMS history.

jazz free WhatsApp code:

Here is  the procedure to obtain the free Jazz WhatsApp code:

  • Dial *225# to receive free jazz WhatsApp mbs.
  • You’ll notice a pop-up notification on your screen with the message.
  • With this package, you may utilize a daily maximum of 250 mbs.
  • Please phone *225*2# to check the status of this offer.

Jazz New Sim Free Internet

Jazz Network offers several healthy packages to its valued customers when they purchase a jazz network sim. You will receive 1500 mbs, which are usable every day except from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. for the next 60 days.

In order to receive free jazz internet on a brand-new sim, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Buy jazz new sim
  • Register jazz sim on your CNIC
  • Dial *869#
  • On the screen of a mobile phone, a confirmation popup message will show.
  • Jazz now offers free internet, minutes, and text messages.
  1. Jazz Sim Lagao Free MBs

The client engagement method employed by Jazz is excellent. Some users switched their Jazz phone numbers to those of other networks, but Jazz is fully certain that this Jazz Sim Lago deal will win them back.

Keep in mind that this deal is subject to change. This offer includes up to 15,000 megabytes, jazz-free minutes, and SMS.

  • The steps to use the jazz sim lgao offer are as follows:
  • If you haven’t used the sim for a full month, put it back in.
  • Dial *551#
  • You will receive free internet access, free phone minutes, and free SMS if you qualify for this offer.

Jazz Free Internet Code

Jazz internet code is provided for your convenience below, along with jazz free internet code. I’ll provide you with some more codes in this category that can let you use the internet for free while listening to jazz. So enjoy these codes that are provided for you.

If you are currently using a Jazz 3G SIM, switch to a Jazz 4G SIM and call *443*30#.

You may obtain 4GB of free internet for jazz by phoning the given number.

To check the remaining internet mbs for the aforementioned promotion, use the code *117*89*2#.

Although most mobile carriers in Pakistan do not support 5G, jazz is offering 5G to its customers by dialing *117*9#.

Random code list for jazz free internet 2021

Jazz FREE Internet MBS Code

Code: * 836 #

Data: 300 MBs Internet

Validity: used between 1 am and 7 pm, 

check the status of the remaining MBs

Code: * 117 * 51 * 2 

Get 5GB Mobilink Jazz Internet for FREE

 Code: * 117 * 91 

To enjoy Mobilink Jazz FREE internet, enter this code and you can get the 300 MB in the next 03 days.

50 GB of the Internet for Free on Jazz Mobilink Just type in * 832 # for Warid * 117 * 9 * 3. On your jazz simulator, you are entitled to 500MB of free internet. 

To activate the free jazz social package for students, type * 114 * 6 #.

Only available in certain places:

  • To activate the new Jazz Sim deal for free, enter * 191 #. For seven days, you will receive 700 MBs, 700 SMS, and 700 minutes. To activate the new free 4G Jazz SIM offer, enter * 117 * 72 * 3.
  • To activate the free Jazz 2G unlimited internet, type * 264 #.
  • Enter * 500 # to access free 2G internet with a jazz equipment deal. To check the status of the Jazz 4G SIM, type * 443 * 7 #.
  • Enter * 443 * 30 # to activate the free Jazz 4G SIM offer if your SIM card is 4G.

If you write this code you will get 4 GB + 400 Jazz / Warid Mins and 4000 free SMS in Jazz for 7 days.

For free internet in Jazz, enter * 826 #. To receive 500MB of free internet for three days, enter * 824 #. Get 500MB of free internet on your Mobilink Sim by dialing * 832 # from your phone.

To obtain 1GB of free internet, enter * 441 * 29 #. To receive 2000 SMS for free for 30 days, enter * 441 * 25 #. To get free Jazz Internet Codes, enter * 999 #. For free internet access, enter * 825 #.

Last but not least, verify *836# to see the maximum number of times you may receive 3000 Mbps internet for 3 days in a row.


1. How can I get Jazz 5GB free?

If you dial *117*91#, you can get 5GB of free internet from Mobilink Jazz.
If you dial *117*91*2# to check the remaining data, you can get 300 MBs of free internet for the following three days.

2. How can I get 1 GB in Jazz?

1 GB DATA (24 Hours)
Fee Rs.35 (Incl. tax)
Subscription Code: *117*4#
Validity: 24 hrs.
Status Code: *117*4*2#
Subscribe Through IVR Dial 3111 > 1 > 3.

3. How can I get a free Jazz load?

Get a FREE 100-rupee balance with every recharge of at least 100 rupees. To receive this deal, dial *279#.

4. How can I get a Jazz promo code?

Customers may now create their own bundles with freedom and simplicity thanks to our industry-first product, Jazz your offer. Customers may now choose their desired validity and rewards by simply dialing *303#, creating totally customized packages.

5. How can I activate Jazz 30 GB?

The code for the 30GB Jazz Weekly Internet Package is *506#
This time, Jazz offers its clients the Jazz Weekly Internet Package 30GB under the Weekly Super Max Offer, providing them with 30GB of internet access for the entire week for just Rs. 347.


This page contains every bit of information there is to know about jazz. Follow the above-mentioned instructions and dial the jazz free internet code if you want to receive wonderful deals for free.

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