How to Check Pifra Advance Status?

You are eligible to apply for an advance or loan if you are a registered government employee, and the amount that you borrow may be deducted from your pay later. If you have recently started working for the government or if your salary is not sufficient to purchase something such as a motorbike, a car, or any other item that requires a significant amount of money, then you are eligible to submit an application for an advance from the government organization that you have been working for.

Pifra or fabs provides its employees with access to this facility to purchase items that are out of their price range if they rely solely on their monthly wages. If you are interested in applying for a loan or advance, there is a comprehensive process that you must follow. Since you have arrived at this page searching for information on the status of your advance request, I will presume that you have previously submitted an application for the advance.

Check Pifra Advance Status – Procedure

Here we provide a detailed and comprehensive step-by-step process to check your advance status on the PIFRA website.

  1. Go to the official website of Pifra. You can use this link directly.
  2. On the top left side, you will see the option ‘Advance Type.’
  3. Enter your advanced type. There are four different types of advances which are:
  • 0001 code represents the advance for House Building
  • 0002 code represents the advance for Motor Car
  • 0003 code represents the advance for the Motorcycle
  • 0004 code represents the advance for Cycle
  1. Enter the code accordingly. E.g., if you applied the advance for the House building, enter the code 0001 in the ‘Advance Type’ field.
  2. Next, you will see the field ‘Personnel number’. Here you have to enter your employee number, which is an eight-digit employee personnel number. 
  3. You can find the personnel number on your salary slip as well.
  4. Now click on the ‘Search‘ button
  5. You will see your status on the next screen.

Pifra Advance Status Types and Meaning

If your advance status is ‘Initial waiting’, your application has reached AGPR, and you have been assigned a number.

If your advance status is a FAC issue, then it means Fund availability and the certificate has been issued to you.

If your advance status is ‘consent received’, your application has passed all the verification and governmental process check. It is finally received at AGPR without any objection.

If your advance status is ‘Verified Authorized’, it means the fund has been issued to you for your advances.

If your advance status is ‘Loan Paid’, they have successfully paid you the advance payment.

If your advance status is ‘not found’, your application has not been received at AGPR.


We hope this article was helpful, and now you can quickly check the status of your advance application. 

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