How To Unsubscribe PIFRA If You Don’t Want Pay Slips? 2023

Unsubscribe from PIFRA

Receiving emails from PIFRA may annoy you if you no longer work for a government agency or have quit your employment for some other reason. You might want to unsubscribe from PIFRA online, regardless of the reason. You might also want to modify your email address for a salary slip account.

However, you must be aware that PIFRA is an official government of Pakistan program for creating and managing financial concerns before you continue to unsubscribe. The government may quickly transmit salary slips to all workers throughout Pakistan with the use of this technology. The entire program was started for the convenience and comfort of all government employees, including teachers, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.

How to Unsubscribe PIFRA if You Don’t Want Pay Slips?

There are basically two ways to unsubscribe from the PIFRA. First, I’ll go through the email technique, in which you must email the PIFRA to request an unsubscribe.

Email Method:

  • Log into any of your Email app.
  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • Enter your name, government code, and employee ID, and send along with other information such as “I want to unsubscribe my email.”
  • You’ve successfully unsubscribed. You won’t receive any further emails.

You can also reapply using your new email address.

Unsubscribe on PIFRA Website:

  • Open any of your web browser
  • Go to
  • Under the services, tab selects the option for pay slips from a list of drop-down menus.
How to Registration Process To Get PIFRA Vendor Number Online
  • You will be directed to the next page which is the registration form web page.
  • You may now unsubscribe from PIFRA here.

In this method, you must go to the PIFRA’s official website and fill out the unsubscribe form. This procedure is a little complicated, and you may experience some difficulty as well.

So as a suggestion you should follow the email method. It is much convenient and easy to follow.


It is simple to unsubscribe from PIFRA using the above methods. This was the whole procedure you were trying to understand. Now you know it is simple and quick. You can cancel your subscription anytime without any extra effort and free of cost by following these methods.

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